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Who are we??

GripTwister Tours is a small company dedicated to providing some of the greatest adventures and experiences you can have on a dual sport motorcycle.  Offering guided and supported tours as well as self-guided GPS tours and guide service, our passion for dual-sporting shows in our commitment to  expanding and promoting riding opportunities that are only available to those choosing a dual sport motorcycle.   The goal of GripTwister Tours and this website is to provide and promote our own one-of-a-kind tours, which place dual-sport riders and their machines in their perfect element.  Whether you want to enjoy some of the Pacific Northwest's backroads and routes on your own, or you would like to form or join a tour of rugged and remote Baja, Mexico...we make it easy and hassle-free, so you enjoy more time riding, and less time with planning, logistics and navigation.  After all, isn't the riding what it's all about?

Yours Truly

GripTwister Tours was conceived and is run by avid dual-sport rider and Baja aficionado David McKay, who's ride of choice has been a dual sport bike of one type or another for the last 32 years. Even before land use and other issues closed or restricted off road riding in public areas, David realized the utility of a bike that could be used to legally get to and traverse public roads and routes that were great dirt riding in and of themselves , but that weren't open to non street licensed motorcycles-- as well as to connect the myriad of single track trails that exist but are commonly linked only by miles of public roads.

When the trail meets the road on an off road only bike, well... it's the end of the trail for that rider.  On a dual sport bike, it's the way to the next trail.  There are many great areas of single track riding that see minimal use because the trails are widely scattered and are not linked together well.   Also, here in the Pacific Northwest, off-road riding is virtually always on forested land with tight, twisty, trails snaking through the trees.  While this is fantastic riding that can be wonderfully technical, it rarely affords a rider the opportunity to see higher gears or substantial speed for any length of time, which in the mind of David and plenty of other speed junkies, is not such a great thing.  Having every  public dirt road and track open to you for riding cures that problem, and keeps even the most serious adrenaline addicts from Jones-ing.  Yes, it turns out, there is a use for the top few gears after all!

So, what do we offer?  Glad you asked!

Self-Guided Tours

For those wanting a hassle-free way of touring on their own at their own pace, GripTwister's self-guided GPS tours are the way to go.  Like having a tourguide on your handlebars, with just a glance you'll know when and where to turn to keep you on a course that maximizes the amount of  remote dual-sport terrain, scenery and available campsites along the way.  Included with each tour are plenty of optional sideroutes that lead to exceptional points of interest, vistas, and resupply/refuel points.  When your butt has finally had enough for the day, with just a push of a button you'll be able to locate and navigate to a great campsite on a nearby lake or river.  -More-

Guided Baja Tours

The advantages of taking a guided Baja tour with GripTwister are severalfold.  First, there's peace of mind you'll have traveling with a group in an unfamiliar and distant place.  And with a guide who knows the area, peace of mind knowing that you won't be taking a route that may be too physically difficult to navigate at some distant point, or worse yet, completely impassable.  Fuel is a scarce commodity in Baja, and running out of it 100 miles from nowhere can be just plain dangerous.

Another advantage is our 4WD chase vehicle that monitors our progress and meets us at our destination every night... driving sweep most of the way. Along with extra fuel and lots of water and food, it carries our equipment and your personal gear. If you should suffer a breakdown or mishap that prevents you from riding, you and your bike can catch a ride to camp, where, if possible, repairs can be made to your bike utilizing a full set of tools and repair items that are carried aboard the chase vehicle.  We also utilize the chase vehicle at several strategic locations to provide us with fuel, enabling us to reach some remote destinations and take routes that would otherwise not be possible without carrying extra fuel containers on our bikes.  Another safety feature, is that both the guide and the chase vehicle driver carry satellite telephones and two way radios with which to stay in contact or summon emergency help. Chase vehicle carries a backup bike on-board as well, and may be rented in some circumstances as well, should your own cease working indefinitely.   -More-

For private groups wishing, we also offer unsupported Baja tours as well.  Best suited to close groups of friends, unsupported tours have their advantages as well as disadvantages.  The advantages are:  faster groups being able to cover more ground in one day, the ability to visit remote locations via remote routes that are not accesible to support vehicles (think "To boldly go where no man has gone before!")... as well as a lower overall cost and increased flexibility.  The disadvantages are that all gear you'll need must be carried on your bike and/or body,  and there's no support truck to rely upon for repairs, supplies, or a ride if you or your bike give up the ghost.   The decision to undertake an unsupported tour should be well thought out and planned for, but it needn't  be any less comfortable or safe, and that's where GripTwister Tours comes in.  Please contact us for more information about putting together an unsupported tour for your group.  -More-

Dual Sport GPS Rallies

Held on public roads and trails, this is a rally on a course defined by a GPS route.  With a route and tasks unknown until  the opening of the race, our version is a bit different in that a rider's checkpoint and route adherance is confirmed via GPS tracklog submitted within 12 hours of the close of the race.  Cash prizes.  A fun and rewarding way to enjoy some great riding in some great places you might not otherwise ride.  Guaranteed to make you a better rider and GPS user, and possibly win yourself a few bucks while you're at it.  -More-

Guide Service

GripTwister Tours is pleased to announce private guide service for dual-sport riders wishing to spend some quality time riding some of the best areas on the Olympic peninsula of western Washington and throughout Baja, Mexico.  We're a full service guide, and can provide or arrange accomodations for multiple day rides, offering you the choice of camping out or motels/lodges.  For those flying or driving in from out of the area, we also have a few dual sport motorcycles for rent as well. -More-

What is Dual Sport Touring, you ask? is a provider of guided tours and self-guided GPS tours  We also offer private guide service for dual-sport rides in the Pacific Northwest, as well as Baja, Mexico.

If you have any questions about any of our tours, please Contact Us