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What does a GripTwister fully supported tour mean?

It means we have a "chase vehicle" that follows our route and meets up with us at the end of the day's riding.. This 4x4 support truck serves many roles. It transports bikes and riders that break down or just need a rest day. It carries your personal belongings for you so you can ride completely unencumbered. It carries fuel to allow remote fueling when necessary. It carries spare tires/parts and tools with which to make repairs. Of course our bilingual driver is equipped with a satellite phone, and the truck is stocked with water and snacks at all times.

It also means that we have lead and sweep guides, so faster riders can satisfy their need for speed, while those riders not as fast can travel at a pace that's comfortable for them without feeling pressured to keep up, and helps prevent the separation of the group. Guides also carry satellite phones and two-way radios, speak Spanish, and are trained in first-aid.

It means your accommodations are provided for you. It should be noted that travel in Baja is subject to unforeseen, unplanned, unscheduled and unavoidable events. Such events are what make it such an adventurous place to ride, and though indeed unplanned, usually lead to some of the most memorable and enjoyable moments of a trip. However, they also require great flexibility, so it's for this reason as well we keep our group size small. This allows us to be a self-sufficient group if need be, and in fact we always carry food and shelter aboard the support truck sufficient to accommodate the whole group overnight in any location. This has other benefits as well, for example if the weather is such that your room is too stifling to sleep comfortably, we can set you up with what you need to sleep comfortably outside, either under the stars or in a tent.

GripTwister.com is a provider of guided tours and self-guided GPS tours. We also offer private guide service for dual-sport rides in the Pacific Northwest, as well as Baja, Mexico.

What is Dual-Sport Touring, you ask?

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