How far to Mike's?
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  The Ultimate Baja Loop

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Spring, 2018

1,100 miles   --6 Days--   Intermediate+ Difficulty

Exact Date and Details Coming Soon!

We'll transport your gear so you can ride light!

This six day dual sport adventure starts in San Diego, and will see us riding to and through many landmark locations, including Mike's Sky Ranch, Gonzaga Bay, Coco's Corner, Laguna Hanson, Arroyo Calamajué and so much more.

Six full days of riding on both coasts and the land in between, making a grand loop of northern Baja.  A large variety of riding terrain awaits you on this tour.  From the cool pine forests of the mountainous  regions of the north... to arrid, cactus strewn deserts, dry sandy lakebeds and arroyos, and best of all... to the beautiful beaches of both the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific ocean. There's even some good ol' Mexican asphalt thrown in for good measure.  This is a supported and guided trip. Meals and beverages are paid by you, but we take care of the accommodations (double occupancy) and  transport your gear to each night's destination.  Here's an overview of our itinerary: