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Self-Guided GPS Tours
For Dualsport Motorcycles

All of our GPS tours now include a web download option

Olympic Mountains Loop GPS Tour

This tour is a dualsport rider's dream!  Lots of  winding dirt roads, a little asphalt, and even some optional technical single-track lead you on a route around the beautiful Olympic National Park.  Lots of views from high mountain peaks of everything from the virgin forests in the valleys below to the Seattle skyline in the distance, to the Pacific ocean, strait of Juan De Fuca and Vancouver Island, and of course the Glacier clad slopes of the mighty Mt. Olympus itself.  With only one exception, you'll be taking the closest route encircling the park without backtracking.

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Baja California Loop GPS Tour

Our latest Edition of this self guided GPS tour in the Mecca of off-roading is now available, and is bigger and better than ever!

You've always wanted to ride Baja, but weren't sure about the roads or what route to take, where services were and weren't available, or perhaps had just a little apprehension about riding in a foriegn country for the first time. Well, this one's just for you. It's chock full of useful info for the Baja motorcycle traveler and loaded with great routes that vary from way popular to way off the beaten path-- and off the maps!

Our 2nd self-guided tour offering  is in the same format and with the same features that you've come to admire and expect in our original Olympic Peninsula version... camping and lodging waypoints, information and ratings; points of interest revealing hidden/overlooked/interesting locations; fuel locations (incl. remote emergency locations); scenic, interesting or just plain adventurously fun to ride side routes; and food/water/supply points. And all of it is entirely geared toward the dualsport adventure rider.

Most of the routes are suitable for an experienced rider on a big bike, but as usual, we have detours and alternate routes for the rough sections or those stretches that are just plain unsuitable for the biggest bikes.

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