How far to Mike's?
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The Revision Ride

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May, 2017

Dual Sport, Dirt Bike, Quad, SxS   -- 8-12 Days --   Intermediate to Advanced Difficulty

$ Costs Variable $

Our annual Revision Ride is by invitation only

Would you be an awesome addition? Request an invite or for more info!

This is an unsupported ride we do every year as part of the annual revision process of our Baja California Loop GPS Tour.  Normally 7 or 8 days in Baja, we alternate camping out with staying in motels.  Because of this, we carry with us on our bikes all the gear to camp out anywhere along our journey.  While reviewing the existing route for changes made necessary by forces of man or nature, we also look for and explore alternate routes and interesting side trips to enhance and expand the GPS tour.

Crazy Fun!

On the way to Rancho Mike's


The Courtyard at Rancho Mike's

On the way out of Rancho Mike's

Love that sky!

Cruising along at speed

Yum Yum Yum! Lunch with a view.

The Beautiful Sea of Cortez

View from your room at Alfonsinas

View down the beach from Alfonsinas