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Yours Truly

Welcome Riders!

I'm David McKay, and I'm your guide on this ride, as I am on all of our Baja rides. I've been enjoying the Baja peninsula since I first "discovered" it over thirty years ago, and have been hooked ever since. Now, there's no doubt about it, Baja is an off-roaders paradise-- but as you will soon discover for yourself, it's much more than that. The unforgettable warmth and can-do spirit of it's people, the food, it's beautiful desert flora and fauna, it's beaches, it's historic missions, rugged mountains... it's all on display and there for your enjoyment. And of course there's no better way to take it all in than on a dual sport bike, or "moto" as they're called in Spanish.

Adventure Time!

One of the things that you discover after traveling a bit in Baja, is that it can be a bit unpredictable at times.  In Baja, even the best laid plans can take a pretty good beating on occasion.  This is due to a combination of factors, such as weather and geography-- flash floods can block routes for hours or days-- or the extreme remoteness of most of the peninsula, and the lack of infrastructure and reliable communications that come with that remoteness.  Additionally, Mexico in general is sometimes referred to (affectionately) as "maņana land" (maņana=tomorow), because of the different pace by which things get done there.  It's partly these very traits, however, that make travel there the adventure that it always is.  It's that very lack of infrastructure that leaves us the dirt roads we crave in place of smooth pavement between most of our destinations, and sandy washes in place of bridges across deep, wide arroyos.  In Baja, for adventure travel, the moto is king.

Relax and take it all in...

I want you to have a great time on this ride.  Don't worry about where and if you'll get gas.  Don't worry about where you'll find a place to sleep, or where you're going to get your next meal.  Don't worry about loading your bike down with gear making it a pain to ride.  And especially, don't worry about breaking down in the middle of nowhere.  Let us worry about those things so you don't have to.  We'll carry your personal gear on the support truck to our nightly destinations so you can ride light and comfortable, putting less wear and tear on your bike and you.  If your bike gives up the ghost (or you just need a rest day), we'll get it and yourself to our destination for the night.  We've got extensive tools on-board (and some parts, too) with which you can facilitate repairs while we're "in camp" for the evening.  So relax your grip just a bit, take a deep breath and exhale as you look around you at the beauty passing by and the beauty that is just coming into view.  Take it all in and savor it, for soon enough it will be only a fond memory.

But come prepared...

You'll maximize your pleasure and that of the group as a whole if you and your bike are ready and able to meet the challenges of riding in Baja by making some preparations for the ride in advance.  I've put together a section on what you can do for your bike, and also put together a checklist of items you'll want to make sure to bring with you on the trip.  I let you know which are mandatory and which are recommended.  You'll find the "Checklists" link on the left side of this page.  Please make sure to visit all the other links on the left side of the page to learn more on the peculiars and requirements of travel to Mexico.  If you have any questions about anything on the checklists or other pages, or any other questions about the trip, please don't hesitate to ask.  I'll try to give a response within 24 hours or less.

I'm really looking forward to this ride and meeting all of you... it's going to be a great time!

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