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Guide Service For
Dualsport Motorcycles

Put together your own custom tour!

GripTwister Tours is pleased to announce private guide service for dualsport riders wishing to spend some quality time riding some of the best areas in western Washington and throughout Baja, Mexico.  For rides in western Washington, I'll take groups as small as one rider, and for Baja, groups as small as two riders.  I'll be happy to take special requests and work one-on-one with you to put together a custom tour based on you or your group's riding experience and abilities.  If you love dirt but crave asphalt twisties as well, we can do it.  If you want to see as little asphalt as possible, we can do that, too.  This is a great way to put together a Baja tour custom designed just for you and your riding buddies.  The speed we travel and the mileage we cover is limited only by the skill of your group, with safety in mind, of course.

The advantages of using our guide service in Baja are severalfold. First, there's peace of mind you'll have traveling with a seasoned Baja veteran in an unfamiliar and distant place. And with a guide who knows the area, peace of mind knowing that you won't be taking a route that may be too physically difficult to navigate at some distant point, or worse yet, be completely impassable. Fuel is a scarce commodity in Baja, and running out of it 100 miles from nowhere can be just plain dangerous.

Best suited for close groups of friends, a guided but unsupported Baja ride has its advantages as well as disadvantages. Compared to a fully supported commercial group ride, the advantages are faster, more efficient movement of the group to able to cover more ground in one day, the ability to visit remote locations via remote routes that are not accesible to most support vehicles (think "To boldly go where no man has gone before!")... as well as a lower overall cost and increased flexibility. But the biggest advantage of all is being able to customize the route to your particular wants and desires. The disadvantages are that all the gear you'll need must be carried on your bike and/or body, and there's no support truck to rely upon for repairs, supplies, or a ride if you or your bike give up the ghost. The decision to undertake an unsupported tour should be well thought out and planned for, but it needn't be any less comfortable or safe, and that's where GripTwister Tours comes in. Please contact us for more information about putting together a private guided Baja tour for your group. Call or Email us for more information